399th gets a plane!

The 399th is excited to announce that N978CP has been relocated to Danbury Airport (DXR). Effective 9/1, we welcomed N978CP and have parked in on the Tower Tiedown ramp. The squadron will utilize this aircraft to assist in getting all of our cadets their initial orientation flight and once we complete this objective, we will focus on getting additional rides to those cadets interested.

978, also known as CAP602 as the pilots call it, is a 1997 Cessna 172R with a 180hp Lycoming 4 cylinder engine and 53 gallons of fuel. It is fuel injected and could remain in flight for up to 5 hours. It has a "round dial" instrument panel and a in-panel KLN-89B GPS installed. The avionics stack is up to date. The CAP radio is of an older vintage and so is the ELT direction finder (DF). It will take a little getting used to the pilots who trained in our Cessna 182T G1000 glass panel airplanes with the updated Becker DF equipment.

978 is a great mission aircraft and I plan to use it as we train new mission scanners (MS) and mission observers (MO). I also aim to train new pilots and transition them to mission pilot (MP) status.

If you are a pilot and are interested in joining the 399th squadron, please contact Capt. Brian Proulx at fyrepilot@outlook.com. I am looking to build out our aviation branch and would be happy to discuss how CAP can help you extend your piloting skills. I look forward to speaking with you.

Capt. Proulx

Squadron Commander & Mission Pilot

Commercial Instrument ASEL/AMEL

CAP602 in its new spot at DXR

CAP602 in its old paint scheme flying Long Island Sound Patrol over the CT River

CAP602's instrument panel and SAR stack

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