399th cadets gain experience in leadership at overnight FTX

Cadets and Seniors overnight at Camp Wooster

July 28th 2019 Camp Wooster-

399th Composite Squadron Cadets and Senior Members spent Saturday and Sunday readying themselves for leadership. This overnight Field Training Exercise (FTX) was the first in a series of 3 FTX’s to get ready for a flight of new cadets arriving in September.

“We have to train the trainers,“ said 1st Lt. Brian Waldron, the Deputy Commander of Cadets.

“In just 40 days these cadets will be Squad Leaders and Flight Sergeants,” he continued.

The cadets arrived at 1300 on July 27th, set up their tents and stowed their gear. Tent and uniform inspection started at 1400. The cadets then proceeded to learn drill movements using videos and practice.

Each cadet took turns in leadership roles. The cadets also spent some time practicing their command voice by reading aloud with authority Schofield’s definition of discipline.

The group had dinner of hamburgers and potato salad approximately 7pm. Dessert was s’mores by the fire. After dessert the cadets a final formation where Cadet Kitchin was promoted to Senior Master Sergeant.

The cadets then grabbed their shower gear and PT clothes and headed to the showers.

Once in their PT clothes they were treated to the movie “Iron Eagle” while they shined their boots.

Lights out occurred at 2300, and Reveille sounded at 0630. The cadets had PT in the morning and were treated to bacon, eggs, sausage and juice. Gear was packed up and departure from Camp Wooster was at 1000.

The next FTX will be a little longer, and is scheduled of Saturday August 24th. That FTX will be by invitation of the command staff to organize and train the squadron ahead of the next training cycle. This next FTX will be crucial in keeping our training staff on target.

The third and final FTX will be September 14th. This final FTX in this training cycle will be with the Staff and also our new Cadets. If you would like to be considered for membership and to overnight at this event you must be a member of CAP and have attended 3 meetings.

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