What to Expect For Cadets

Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program is a dynamic program for youths age 12-18. The program is designed to challenge our cadets, and grow them into the leaders of tomorrow. As a cadet, you should expect challenges. You will not succeed all of the time in CAP, but because we are a leadership laboratory you will learn from failure. 


The opportunities are vast. In 2018, our cadets flew on a Chinook helicopter, a C-130 cargo aircraft, and piloted (at the controls) a Cessna 172 and glider. Some of these cadets were as young as 12 years old. 

What to Expect as Parents

Sometimes its hard to let go...

As parents we want our kids to succeed. We want them to have all of the opportunities that we had and more. Sometimes we forget the hard work that came with our success. Civil Air Patrol will challenge them, and they will struggle at times. They will make mistakes and then learn from them. They will learn life skills like how to draft an email and how to iron a shirt and polish their shoes for their uniform. Parents are simply asked to support them in their efforts and provide encouragement.

What to expect as a Senior Member

Becoming a  Senior Member is a rewarding way to give back to the community. CAP adult members come from all walks of life. Some are pilots, medical professionals or lawyers, while others are computer programmers or accountants. In emergency services and operations CAP not only needs aircrew members, but also ground team members and communications personnel.

CAP also needs adults to support the cadet program and mentor the cadets through their journey. The cadet program provides young adults a well rounded program of leadership, aerospace education, physical fitness, and moral and ethical decision making.